Liquidify Protocol 1.0 Preview & User Guide

We are proud to present the preview of our Liquidify Protocol 1.0, which will allow users to synthetize both mainstream assets as well as a number of whitelisted long-tail assets and receive Liquidity Accelerator Tokens (LAT) and Liquidify Tokens (LFY). Soon you will see the liquidity accelerator in action, but before the official launch we firstly want to guide you through the process of using our protocol. We also view this as a way to received early feedback and input from our community. Feel free to leave a comment below or contact us via Telegram, Discord, or e-mail.

When visiting the Liquidify website, users can go to the “Mining” section and then click on “Synthetization Mining”, which will direct them to below page where they can see an overview over the total asset pool value as well as the current LAT price:

Users can then launch the dapp by clicking the “Launch” button, which will take them to the asset pool overview page where they can view the different asset types (A-level, B-level, etc.) and their respective value and current share of the pool value:

Below the asset pool overview, users can view a list of all assets currently locked up in the pool (“Market”) as well as their detailed information such as last price, 24h price change, 24h volume, etc.. Assets can be ordered according to asset type (A-level, B-level, etc.) or searched by keyword. If they wish to deposit assets into the protocol to mine synthetized LAT and LFY, users can press the “Deposit” button in the asset pool overview page:

Users will then be taken to the deposit page, where they can choose among a number of assets to deposit and also view how much LAT/LFY they can receive in return:

Users can then link their wallet by clicking the “Connect Wallet” button. A window will pop up asking the user to choose the network and preferred wallet, initially only Binance Smart Chain as network and Metamask as wallet will be supported:

After connecting the wallet, users can set an amount of coins to deposit and confirm the transaction:

After users confirmed the transaction, they can check both their income and the transaction history by clicking on the address button at the top right of the page:

Finally, should users want to redeem their locked up coins, they can click the “Redeem” button which will direct them to the redeem page. The redeeming process is basically identical with the deposit process:

These are the basic functions of our Liquidify Protocol 1.0, designed to be user-friendly, simple, and safe. Additional functionalities such as staking, liquidity mining, extended allowlist, and voting will be implemented step by step. We are excited to launch soon and allow long-tail assets to reactivate their potential, which will help to make the crypto market in general more active and healthier.

We firmly believe, as Ruth Porat said, that “liquidity is the oxygen for a financial system”. Therefore, we want to reinvigorate a large portion of the cryptocurrency market that is currently deprived of oxygen. Past experiences from the traditional industry, with non-performing loans for example, have shown that such an approach can be key to restoring the health of this financial system. For the sake of the healthy development of the crypto market and for the benefit of all those users holding onto their long-tail assets, Liquidify has chosen to build its protocol. To liquify all assets!

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Liquidify — the liquidity accelerator for long-tail assets in the crypto market

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Liquidify — the liquidity accelerator for long-tail assets in the crypto market

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